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LPCVD Polysilicon-Based Passivating Contacts for Plated Bifacial n-Type PERT Solar Cells
M. Recamán Payo, R. Russell, S. Singh, Y. Li, I. Kuzma-Filipek, M. Firat, V. Depauw, L. Tous, J. John, F. Duerinckx, J. Szlufcik, J. Poortmans, M. Lenes, J.R.M. Luchies
Silicon Cells
Subtopic: Homojunction Solar Cells
Event: 35th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 2CO.10.4
ISBN: 3-936338-50-7
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Document(s): presentation


Plated bifacial n-type PERT solar cells with a homogeneous front side p-type emitter and a selective BSF by n-type laser doping have already reached efficiency values up to 22.8 %. Nonetheless, a breakdown analysis of the recombination losses reveals that there is still an important contribution of the J0,metal on both the p-type emitter contact (3000-4000 fA/cm2 for 1.0-1.2 % metal fraction) and the n-type BSF contact (1500-2000 fA/cm2 for 1.2-1.5 % metal fraction). To mitigate these losses at the semiconductor/metal contact interface of these devices and increase their Voc, this work investigates the integration feasibility in plated bifacial PERT solar cells of LPCVD polysilicon-based passivating contacts. The preliminary results of this on-going study (see results in Tables 1 and 2 below) prove the potential of the approach.