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Laser Enhanced Contact Optimization (LECO) and LECO-Specific Pastes –A Novel Technology for Improved Cell Efficiency
R.W. Mayberry, K. Myers, V. Chandrasekaran, A. Henning, H. Zhao, E. Hofmüller
Silicon Materials and Cells
Subtopic: Homojunction Solar Cells
Event: 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 2DV.1.27
ISBN: 3-936338-60-4
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Document(s): poster


There have been many new technologies adopted by the solar photovoltaics industry over the years, each with specific benefits but always same goals – to improve efficiency and/or reduce cost. Here, a new technology is presented with the ability to both increase efficiency and reduce costs through a wide range of applications. The process is called Laser Enhanced Contact Optimization (LECO) and it has already been shown to reduced scrap via cell recovery of off-spec wafers and increase the yield of high efficiency cell bins on a standard PERC production line. Here we will present data on the use of LECO with many different technologies including P-type ultra-low doped homogeneous PERC, selective emitter (SE) PERC, N-type PERT, TOPCon, and more. Using a LECO Lab Tool it is shown that through the development of an entirely new paste chemistry it is possible to achieve astoundingly high Voc values versus state-of-the-art metallization due to a significant reduction in metal induced recombination (J0met). This increase in Voc and overall cell efficiency is a separate, and complimentary benefit of the LECO process over the yield improvement. Additional benefits ranging from the reduction of variability due to misalignment in SE printing to reduced energy consumption via lower firing temperature requirements will also be discussed in this analysis.