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2020 Macroscopic Numerical Simulation of the Ozone-Based Wet Chemical Emitter Etch Back for Alkaline Textured Si-Wafers T. Dannenberg, L. Mohr, M. Zimmer Information
2020 Measuring and Mitigating Edge Recombination in Modules Employing Cut Cells D.D. Tune, F. Buchholz, I. Ullmann, A. Halm Information
2020 Multilevel Improvement in the Window Layers Stack of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell L. Antognini, V. Paratte, M. Truong, J. Cattin, J. Haschke, J. DrĂ©on, L.-L. Senaud, G. Christmann, S. Nicolay, B. Paviet-Salomon, M. Despeisse, C. Ballif, M. Boccard Information
2020 Modeling Tool Validation for the Yield Prediction of Bifacial East West Vertical PV System in Nordic Conditions S. Ranta, H. Huerta, O. Huhtala, A. Heinonen, J.S. Stein Information
2020 Machine Learning Driven Optimization of a Hybrid Electrical and Thermal System M. Dallapiccola, F. Trentin, G. Barchi, C. Dipasquale, R. Fedrizzi, D. Moser Information
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