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2017 Maskless Texturing of Diamond Wire Sawn Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers by SF6/O2 Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) F. Kaule, J. Hirsch, S. Timmel, S. Meyer, S. Schoenfelder, D. Lausch Information
2016 Measurement of Residual Stresses in Large Silicon Samples Using the Dissection Method H. Behnken, T. Bähr, K. Dadzis, F. Kropfgans, L. Sylla, T. Richter Information
2015 Mechanical and Chemical Characterization of Solder Joints After Accelerated Ageing Tests I. Dürr, J. Walter, A. Kraft, K.-A. Weiß, U. Eitner, M. Volk, C. Ebert Information
2015 Mathematical Modeling of Stand-Alone PV Power Systems with the Use of Hybrid Energy Storage Units Based on Ultra Capacitors S.M. Karabanov, D.V. Suvorov, A.S. Karabanov, D.Y. Tarabrin, E.V. Slivkin, G.P. Gololobov Information
2015 Minimization of Electrical Losses of PV Modules Located in Places with High Solar Irradiance J. Rabanal-Arabach, A. Schneider, E. Cabrera, R. Kopecek Information
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