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2013 Metal Assisted Etching of Crystalline and Amorphous Silicon for Solar Cell Applications S. Greil, S. Bastide, L. Korte, B. Rech, J. Rappich Information
2011 Measurements of PV Systems According to German MV Grid Code D. Geibel, G. Arnold, T. Degner, N. Schäfer Information
2011 Metal Contact Structure Optimization for High Efficiency mc-Si Metal Wrap through (MWT) Solar Cells J.-K. Lim, I.-S. Moon, S.-K. Kim, K.-M. Lee, W.J. Lee, E.-C. Cho Information
2011 Mass Production and Field Performance of Durable Metal-Wrap-Through Integrated Back Contact Foil Based “Sunweb” Modules L.M. Augustin, M.N. van den Donker, H. Scholten, M. Zell, W. Claussen, B. Van Straaten, C. Copetti, M. Fleuster, M. Feldhaus, D. Schier, U. Fliedner, K. Wangemann Information
2011 MDP Lifetime Measurements as a Tool to Predict Solar Cell Efficiency D.A. van Wezep, M.H.L. van der Velden, D.M. Borsa, R.C.M. Bosch Information
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