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2020 Need for Legal Compliance for Safe Solar Energy Waste Disposal J.N. Malaviya Information
2020 Novel PV Module Interconnection Design and Mounting Orientation to Reduce Inhomogeneous Soiling Losses in Desert Regions H. Hanifi, M.Z. Khan, B. Jäckel, C. Hagendorf, A.A. Abdallah, K. Ilse, J. Schneider Information
2020 New World Record Efficiency for Organic Photovoltaic Modules A. Distler, C.J. Brabec, H.-J. Egelhaaf Information
2019 Next Generation Tools for Accurate Energy Yield Estimation of Bifacial PV Systems – Best Practices, Improvements and Challenges I.T. Horvath, H. Goverde, P. Manganiello, A. Schils, A.S.H. van der Heide, J. Govaerts, E. Voroshazi, G.H. Yordanov, J. Moschner, I. Oroutzoglou, L.A. Radkar, N.-P. Harder, T. Mueller, A. Lambert, S. Scheerlinck, B. Aldalali, D. Soudris, A.H.M.E. Reinders, F. Catthoor, J. Poortmans Information
2019 Neighbourhood Influence and Social Acceptance of PV Systems in Rural Developing Communities N.N. Opiyo Information
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