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2020 Newly Developed High-Throughput PECVD Source and Platform for Industrial Production of PERC and TOPCon Silicon Solar Cells F. May, T. Dippell, M. Dörr, P. Wohlfart Information
2020 New Device for Accurate Measurement of Busbarless Bifacial Solar Cells by Using N.I.C.E.™ Technology D. Reinwand, P. Wiechers, D. Kray Information
2020 Novel Photovoltaic Devices Using Ferroelectric Material R. Ndoukane, F. Balde, D. Kobor, N.C.Y. Fall, M. Tine, P.B. Himbane, L. Motte, J. Solard Information
2020 Novel Patterning Techniques for Copper Electroplated Metallization on Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells A. Lachowicz, G. Andreatta, N. Blondiaux, A. Faes, J.J. Diaz Leon, G. Christmann, C. Allebé, C. Fontaine, P.-H. Haumesser, J. Jourdan, D. Muñoz, M. Godard, M. Darnon, M. Despeisse, S. Nicolay, C. Ballif Information
2020 Novel AlxIn1-xN (x~0-0.60) on Si (111) Heterojunctions Deposited by RF Sputtering for Solar Cells M. Sun, R. Blasco, S. Elamrani, J. Olea, A.F. Braña de Cal, F.B. Naranjo, S. Valdueza-Felip Information
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