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2018 Novel Light-Trapping Structures in Module Non-Active Area for Boosting Efficiency and CTM Ratio M. Falsini Information
2018 Novel Power-Enhancing Ribbon for Solar Cell Interconnection T. Zhou, M. König, A. Henning, D. Hanselmann, S. Hoffmann, L. Pitta Bauermann, E. Fokuhl, D. Eberlein, A. Kraft, U. Eitner, W. Pranger, A. Schütz Information
2018 Novel Schemes of p+ poly-Si Hydrogenation Implemented in Industrial 6'' Bifacial Front-and-Rear Passivating Contacts Solar Cells M.K. Stodolny, J. Anker, C.J.J. Tool, M. Koppes, A.A. Mewe, P. Manshanden, M. Lenes, I.G. Romijn Information
2018 Nanocrystalline n-Type Silicon Front Surface Field Layers: From Research to Industry Applications in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells A.B. Morales-Vilches, D. Decker, L. Mazzarella, L. Korte, R. Schlatmann, D. Sontag, B. Stannowski Information
2018 Novel Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Spatial Convective Heat Transfer over PV-Modules Mounted on an Inclined Surface with an Underlying Air Gap M.G. Chowdhury, L. Somma, D. Goossens, H. Goverde, I.T. Horvath, E. Voroshazi, J. Poortmans, F. Catthoor Information
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