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2021 Needs, Challenges and Approaches for New Service Life Estimation Models for PV Modules – Results from IEA-PVPS-Task 13 Subtask 1.4 K.-A. Weiß, I. Kaaya, G. Oreski, L.S. Bruckman, R.H. French, T. Tanahashi Information
2021 Nano Pyramid Texture for High Performance Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells A. Harter, S. Mariotti, A. Cruz, K. Xu, F. Biegalke, A.B. Morales-Vilches, A. Eljarrat, L. Korte, S. Albrecht, B. Stannowski Information
2021 New Developments in Accelerated Weathering Tests for Back-Contact Modules G.J.W. Meijers, L. Pastukhov, R.H.C. Janssen, F. van Duijnhoven Information
2020 New Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT Algorithm Based on Research of a Target Voltage Range and Its Implementation in a Commercial Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems A. Minuto, E. Celi, G. Timò, N. Panozzo Information
2020 Novel Accelerated Testing Methods for Faster Evaluation of PV Modules and Materials A. Borne, K.R. Choudhury, W.J. Gambogi, K.-A. Weiß Information
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