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2021 Novel Approach for Self-Aligned Local Polysilicon Layer Formation Y. Cai, R. Chan, B.J. Hallam, F.E. Rougieux Information
2021 Novel Ag-Paste for Simultaneous Contacting of n+ and p+ Emitters through Contact-Supportive Well-Passivating Doped APCVD Layers for PERT and IBC Solar Cells F. Geml, B. Gapp, M. Mehler, C. Ebert, J. Booth, P. Sutton, S. Johnson, B. Cela, H. Plagwitz, G. Hahn Information
2021 New Findings on the PV Fire Prevention - Firefighter Strategy for in-Roof PV Installations U. Muntwyler, E. Sch├╝pbach Information
2021 Novel Poly-Si:Ga/SiOx Passivating Contacts through Non-Equilibrium Doping K. Chen, E. Napolitani, M. De Tullio, C.-S. Jiang, S. Theingi, W. Nemeth, M. Page, P. Stradins, S. Agarwal, D.L. Young Information
2021 Nano Pyramid Texture for High Performance Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells A. Harter, S. Mariotti, A. Cruz Bournazou, K. Xu, F. Biegalke, A.B. Morales-Vilches, A. Eljarrat, L. Korte, S. Albrecht, B. Stannowski Information
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