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2022 Operation Analysis of Concentrated Photovolatic/Thermal for Heating Crude Oil D. Gao, W. Long, Q. Liu, J. Guo, W. Cui, H. Wang, H. Yang Information
2022 One Year Performance Assessment of Silicon Hetero-Junction Solar Modules on Horizontal Single Axis Tracker M. Maugeri, A. Sanz Martinez, E. Setien, L. Todaro, A. Mignonac, G. Demofonti, S. Guastella, A. Virtuani, S. Guillerez Information
2022 On-Board Photovoltaic Kit for Existing Vehicles B. Commault, B. Chambion, L. Serra, S. Nassibi , L. Lonardoni, F. Karoui, A. Raddenzati Information
2022 Optimization of Front PECVD SiNx:H Layer Passivating the Emitter of PERC Solar Cells H.H. Canar, G. Bektaşs, A.E. Keçeci, H. Asav, S. Koçak Bütüner, B. Arıkan, R. Turan Information
2022 Optical Effects of Laser-Reduced Graphene Oxide Layers in Tandem Perovskite/CIGS Solar Cells Studied by Numerical Simulations M. Kovacic, J. Krc, S. Maragkaki, E. Stratakis, M. Rashid, M. Tutundzic, Y. Kuang, J. de Wild, T. Aernouts, B. Vermang, M. Topic Information
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