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2020 Optics Development and Demonstration of Line-Focus Space Concentrator Prototype Using III-V/Si Cells A. Bermudez-Garcia, P. Voarino, F. Chabuel, O. Raccurt Information
2020 Optimization of Transparent Conductive Oxides for Silicon-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells V. Sittinger, H. King Information
2020 Optimization of a 4.6-kW Residential Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System - A Case Study M. Viljoen, J. Bekker Information
2020 Optimising Own PV Consumption with PV Energy Yield Predictions from Machine Learning Algorithms and Weather Data H. Heck, A. Schmidt, E. Sch├╝pbach, F. Kuonen, S. Bacha, U. Muntwyler Information
2020 On the Road towards Vehicle Integration: Glass-Fibre Reinforced Encapsulation Enabling Light-Weight and Curved Modules J. Govaerts, T. Borgers, A.S.H. van der Heide, L. Vastmans, R. Moors, G. Doumen, L. Tous, A. Bettinelli, S. Harrison, B. Willems, G. Galbiati, M. Galiazzo, L. Cerasti, J. Poortmans Information
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