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2022 Optical Effects of Laser-Reduced Graphene Oxide Layers in Tandem Perovskite/CIGS Solar Cells Studied by Numerical Simulations M. Kovacic, J. Krc, S. Maragkaki, E. Stratakis, M. Rashid, M. Tutundzic, Y. Kuang, J. de Wild, T. Aernouts, B. Vermang, M. Topic Information
2022 Optical Characterization of the InGaAsP Solar Cells with Absolute Electroluminescence Observation K. Watanabe, R. Yokota, M. Asami, H. Sodabanlu, Y. Nakano, M. Sugiyama Information
2022 Optimization and Characterization of Indium Zinc Oxide TCOs for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Applications V. Sittinger, H. King, Ö.S. Kabakli, P.S.C. Schulze, J.C. Goldschmidt Information
2021 Opening Up New Land Resources for Vertical Bifacial Solar Modules Using a New “Nature-Conserving Agrivoltaics” Concept N. Pannicke-Prochnow, J. Schneider, C. Gerhards, R. Stretz, B. Volz Information
2021 Outdoor Test Results and Model Verification of Aesthetics PV Façade L.H. Slooff, A.R. Burgers, K.M. de Groot, N.J.J. Dekker, T. Minderhoud, G. Gijzen, T. Sepers, Y. de Groot, W. van Strien, J.A.M. van Roosmalen Information
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