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2019 Operation of PV Arrays at the Largest MPP Voltage Instead of the Global MPP Voltage during Irradiance Transitions Caused by Clouds K. Lappalainen, S. Valkealahti Information
2019 Outdoor Performance Quantification and Understanding of Various PV Technologies using the IEC 61853 Matrix R.M.E. Valckenborg, B. Van Aken Information
2019 On the Correlation between Contact Resistivity and High Efficiency in (IBC-) SHJ Solar Cells P. Procel Moya, H. Xu, L. Mazzarella, L.-L. Senaud, B. Paviet-Salomon, H. Sivaramakrishnan Radhakrishna, M. Filipic, M. Xu, M. Boccard, A. Fioretti, R. Monnard, J.-C. Stang, P. Wagner, D. Meza, D. Lachenal, B. Strahm, W. Duan, A. Lambertz, A. Fejfar, K. Ding, M. Despeisse, I. Gordon, L. Korte, C. Ballif, O. Isabella, M. Zeman Information
2019 Optimization of Rear Side Al Fire-Through Contacts for AlOx-SiNx Rear Passivated Bifacial Cz p-PERC Cells D. Ourinson, T. Fellmeth, S. Tepner, T. Javaid, M. Dhamrin, C. Turney, G. Emanuel, S.W. Glunz, M. Pospischil, F. Clement Information
2019 Optimization of the Transparent Conductive Adhesive Layer for Two-Terminal Multijunction Solar Cells C. Li, P. Zhang, Z. Liu, X. Hao, M.A. Green Information
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