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2012 Optimizing the Deposition Pressure and Temperature of p-Type a-Si:H Window Layer to Fabricate Efficient a-Si:H Superstrate Solar Cell L. Zhao, B. Yan, B. Zhao, J. Chen, H. Diao, G. Wang, Y. Mao, W. Wenjing Information
2012 One-Step Electrochemical Deposition of Cu-In-Ga Mixed Oxide Thin Films for Low-Cost CIGS Solar Cells A. Duchatelet, E. Chassaing, G. Savidand, R.N. Vannier, D. Lincot Information
2010 Optoelectronic Characterisation of Intermediate Band Solar Cells by Photoreflectance: Comparison to Other Advanced Architectures E. Cánovas, D. Fuertes Marrón, A. Martí Vega, A. Luque, C.R. Stanley, C.D. Farmer, A.W. Bett Information
2010 Optimization of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Dedicated to the Daily Global Radiation and PV Plant Production Forecasting Using Exogenous Data C. Voyant, M. Muselli, C. Paoli, M.L. Nivet, B. Pillot, C. Thibault Information
2010 One Year Operation Experience on 143 MW of Ground Mounted PV Systems A.F. Truchero, J.B. García, J. Andreu Information
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