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2018 Optical and Structural, Properties of Zinc Sulfide Doped Chromium Thin Films Prepared by RF-Sputtering C.M. Samba Vall, M. Chaik, H. El Aakib, M. Elyaagoubi, A. Agdad, A. Tchenka, A. Oueriagli, M. Aggour, A. Outzourhit Information
2016 Optical Reflection Spectra of Silicon Surface with Nanowires Produced by Special Electrochemical Etching M. Treideris, V. Strazdiené, I. Šimkiene, V. Bukauskas, A. Reza, S. Indrišiunas, M. Kamarauskas, A. Setkus Information
2014 Opportunities for Silicon Epitaxy in Bulk Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics M. Recamán Payo, I. Kuzma-Filipek, A. Hajjiah, A. Uruena, T. Borgers, E. Cornagliotti, L. Tous, R. Russell, S. Singh, M. Debucquoy, F. Duerinckx, J. Szlufcik, J. Poortmans Information
2013 Optical Assessment of Ga Composition in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Electrodeposited Solar Cells: Application for Non Destructive Ga Depth Profile Monitoring C. Insignares-Cuello, V. Izquierdo-Roca, J. Lopez-Garcia, L. Calvo-Barrio, E. Saucedo, S. Kretzschmar, T. Unold, C. Broussillou, T. Goislard de Monsabert, V. Bermudez Benito, A. Pérez-Rodríguez Information
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