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2017 On Cost-Effectiveness of Perovskite/c-Si Tandem PV Systems L.J. Geerligs Information
2017 Outdoor Field Performance from Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules and Systems J.S. Stein, D.S. Riley, M. Lave, C. Deline, F. Toor, C.W. Hansen Information
2017 Optimal Surface Texturing in Highly Dilute KOH Solution: A Comparison with Plasma Texturing for Thin Silicon Solar Cells with Light Trapping A.T. Hajjiah, O.T. Hamdan Information
2017 On the Effect of In, P Surfactants on the GaAs PV Cell Formation A.S. Vlasov, L.B. Karlina, B.Y. Ber, F.E. Komissarenko, D.Yu. Kazantsev, N.Kh. Timoshina, M.M. Kulagina, A.B. Smirnov Information
2016 On the Role of Solar Photovoltaics in Global Energy Transition Scenarios C. Breyer, D. Bogdanov, A. Gulagi, A. Aghahosseini, L.S.N.S. Barbosa, O. Koskinen, M. Baraza, U. Caldera, S. Afanasyeva, M. Child, J. Farfan, P. Vainikka Information
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