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Optimization of Laser Selective Emitter Process for Commercial Mono PERC Solar Cell Production
E. Han, F. Kaya, M.C. Raval, D. Mink, M. Ender, E. Muti, F. Es, P. Fath
Silicon Materials and Cells
Subtopic: Manufacturing & Production of Si Cells
Event: 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 2CV.1.40
ISBN: 3-936338-78-7
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Document(s): poster


The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) solar cell structure holds 80% of the market share for homogeneous junction mono c-Si solar cells and is expected to remain the dominant technology till 2030 [1]. The selective emitter (SE) technology is applied on the front-side (FS) of PERC cell structure to gain more efficiency with the rear-side (RS) passivated with a suitable dielectric stack of aluminum oxide (AlOx) and silicon nitride (SiNx) [2-4]. The Laser SE technology holds close to 40% market share now, which is expected to increase to 60% by 2030 [1]. The aim of this study is to understand the influence of the Laser SE parameters on commercial mono PERC solar cell production as misalignment of the Lasered region with the FS silver (Ag) fingers can lead to back stains (type of dark region) which is one of the reasons to cause yield loss in the production line. For a commercial production line, such understanding is very vital to correlate the produced cell quality on the solar cell production process parameters.