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2022 PV Will Shine in the New Clean Energy Transition Partnership S. Nowak, M. Gutschner, M. Hübner, M. Topic Information
2022 Precise On-Site Power Analysis of Photovoltaic Arrays by Self-Reference Algorithm M. Scheler, D. Daume, D. Sojitra, T. Neumeyer, S. Steinbach, T. Beck, A. Schulze, B. Hüttl Information
2022 Properties of Transparent Backsheets Based on Polypropylene E. Helfer, A. Macher, G. Oreski, M. Lang, P. Fuchs Information
2022 Project "Innomet" - Evaluation of Innovative Glass-Based Printing Forms for Solar Cell Metallization A. Lorenz, S. Tepner, K. Gensowski, T. Wenzel, K. Karimi, A. Vogt, M. Schulz-Ruhtenberg, S. Bechmann, M. Kuchler, M. Pospischil, R. Akyüz, M. Singler, S. Auerbach, A.M. Jimenez Cardozo, L. Ney, F. Clement Information
2022 Proposal of an Alternative for Developing a Global Grid Able to Provide 100% Renewable Power to the World R. Leutz, A.R. LAGUNAS Information
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