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2020 Performance Boost of Bifacial Silicon Heterojunction Modules: Verification Based on Field Data and Radiative Simulation A. Tuomiranta, J. Cattin, J. Levrat, H. Colin, F. Rametta, O. Dupré, M. Boccard, V. Barth, A. Richter, D. Muñoz, C. Colletti, M. Izzi, A. Faes, M. Despeisse, P.-J. Alet, C. Ballif, H. Ghedira Information
2020 Project "Rock-Star" – High-Speed Rotary Printing for Solar Cell Metallization: From Vision to Reality A. Lorenz, J. Röth, K. Zengerle, M. Linse, M. Klawitter, S. Tepner, N. Wirth, R. Greutmann, M. Lehner, A. Senne, D. Reukauf, A. Mette, F. Hage, M. Drews, S. Gombert, H. Brocker, J. Rohde, E. Dörsam, F. Clement, R. Preu Information
2020 POCl3-Based Emitter Diffusion Process with Lower Recombination Current Density and Homogeneous Sheet Resistance for Nanotextured Monocrystalline Silicon with Atmospheric Pressure Dry Etching N.W. Khan, A.I. Ridoy, B. Kafle, M. Klitzke, S. Schmidt, L. Clochard, A. Wolf, M. Hofmann, J. Rentsch Information
2020 PV-AIDED: Photovoltaic Artificial Intelligence Defect Identification. Multichannel Encoder-decoder Ensemble Models for Electroluminescence Images of Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules, PEARL TF-PV. E. Sovetkin, B.E. Pieters, T. Weber, E.J. Achterberg, A. Weeber, B. Rau, M. Rennhofer, M. Theelen, A. Martin Information
2020 Performance Evaluation and Parametrization of CIGS Thin Film Solar Modules through Multiple Linear Regressions G.A. Farias Basulto, P. Reyes-Figueroa, C. Ulbrich, B. Szyszka, R. Schlatmann, R. Klenk Information
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