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2022 Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Solar Cell Technologies Based on Historical Data Y. Pantazis, E. Kalligiannaki, Y. Kamarianakis, K. Kotsovos, I. Gereige, M. Abdullah, A. Tzavaras, T. Katsaounis Information
2022 Performance Ratio and Soiling Rate Calculation of PV Modules Installed at Different Tilt Angles in UAE Desert J.J. John, K. Chapaneri, S. Pamir Aly, G. Mathiak, V. Alberts Information
2022 Positioning a UAV for Infrared Inspection of Several Rows of Solar Panels Simultaneously T.A. Solend, J. Moen, A. Rødningsby Information
2022 PV DC Yield Determined by Deep Neural Networks: the Case of Building Integrated PV E. Shirazi, E. Ozkalay, A. Reinders Information
2022 Pre-thermalizational Impact of Hot Carriers on Photovoltage Formation in a Single Junction Solar Cell J. Gradauskas, S. Ašmontas, O. Masalskyi, A. Sužiedelis, A. Šilenas, A. Cerškus, A. Rodin, I. Zharchenko Information
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