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2017 PV Module Performance Characterization – Challenges from Recent Technology Advances and Demands from Energy Yield Perspective W. Herrmann Information
2017 Performance Analysis of the Proposed Single-Stage Transformerless Boost Grid-Connected Microinverter (STBM) under Partial Shading Conditions F. Cardoso Melo, R. de Godoi, L. Carlos de Freitas, E.A.A. Coelho, J. Vieira, V.J. Farias, L.C. Gomes de Freitas Information
2017 Performance Estimation of Bifacial PV Modules: A Simulation Approach through Both Physical and Semi-Empirical Math Models and Its Validation Using Real Bifacial Plant Data M. Catena, I. Cascone, M. Carbone Information
2017 Parameter Extraction of Oxidized Ni/Au and Ni-Only Transparent Conducting Oxides (TCOs) on n-Type GaN Schottky Barrier Diode with Bias Dependence Barrier Height and Ideality Factor at Different Temperatures A.T. Hajjiah, A.A. Alkhabbaz, N.P. Allen, L.J. Guido Information
2017 Photovoltaic Electrochromic Module with Uniform Color Change L.-M. Huang, C.-Y. Peng, C.-H. Chen, H.-C. Liu, C.-J. Huang Information
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