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2021 Production Process FMEA: Effective Procedure to Detect Major Process Related Reliability Risks and Better Specify Reliable Productions Windows B. Jäckel, M. Pander, D. Philipp, K.-A. Weiß Information
2021 Progress in Three-Terminal Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Solar Cells E. Antolín, M.H. Zehender, S.A. Svatek, M.A. Steiner, M. Martinez, I. Garcia, P. García-Linares, E.L. Warren, A.C. Tamboli, A. Martí Information
2021 Perfecting Silicon M. Boccard, V. Paratte, L. Antognini, J. Cattin, J. Dréon, D. Fébba, W. Lin, J. Thomet, D. Türkay, C. Ballif Information
2020 PHOTOPUR – PV Powered Process Automation of an AOP Based Water Decontamination J.S. da Costa Fernandes, P. García-Muñoz, G. Sarigul, D. Robert, N. Keller, M. Schmidt, E. Bollin Information
2020 PV4.0: Combining Asset Management, PV Measurement Data and the Cost Priority Number Method in a Digital Infrastructure for PV Plant O&M A. Louwen, L. Koester, S. Lindig, A. Astigarraga, D. Moser Information
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