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2016 Perovskite Solar Cell Based on CH3NH3PbI3-2Cl2 /PC61BM J. Vanek, D. Strachala, J. Hylsky, M. Kadlec, M. Sionova, M. Weiter Information
2016 Power-System-Wide Analysis of the Benefits of Reserve Provision from Solar Photovoltaics in South Africa T. Bischof-Niemz, J. Calitz, J. Wright Information
2016 Prospects in Solar Water Desalination: Towards Affordable H2O without CO2 V. Fthenakis, A.A. Atia, R. Bkayrat, K.C. Ng, T. Alghasham, A. Khalid, D. Nagpal, S. Sgouridis Information
2016 Precise Determination of the STC I-V Curves by Wide-Range Linear Extrapolation of Outdoor I-V Curves on Partly Sunny Days Y. Hishikawa, H. Ohshima, M. Higa, K. Yamagoe, T. Doi Information
2016 PEDOT:PSS/rGO/CuNWs Based Counter Electrode for Use in DSSCs A.S. Shikoh, Z. Ahmed, Z. Zhu, T.S. Mankowski, F. Touati, R.A. Shakoor, M.A. Benammar, M.A. Mansuripur, C.M. Falco Information
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