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2020 Performance Degradation Research of PV Module Installed in Different Climate Area M.-W. Chen, C.-H. Lin, B.-C. Kuo, C.-Y. Gao Information
2020 Power Stabilization Methods on Thin-Film Photovoltaics: a Round-Robin Test A. Mittal, M. Rennhofer, T. Weber, E.J. Achterberg Information
2020 Post Mortem Analysis of Bifacial PV Modules Based on n-Type Crystalline-Si Cells Using Three Different Types of Encapsulants P.M. Sommeling, J. Liu, J.M. Kroon Information
2020 Photonic Reflectors with Point Contact Approach for Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Solar Cells M. Balestrieri, S. Lakhdar Chaouche, C. Jimenez, D. Bellet, M. Foldyna, P. Roca i Cabarrocas, D. Lincot Information
2020 POLO Back Junction: An Elegant Way to Implement Electron-Collecting Passivating Contacts in p-Type Industrial Silicon Solar Cells B. Min, A. Merkle, T. Brendemühl, N. Wehmeier, Y. Larionova, B. Beier, L. Nasebandt, H. Schulte-Huxel, T. Dullweber, R. Peibst, R. Brendel Information
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