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2016 Prospects in Solar Water Desalination: Towards Affordable H2O without CO2 V. Fthenakis, A.A. Atia, R. Bkayrat, K.C. Ng, T. Alghasham, A. Khalid, D. Nagpal, S. Sgouridis Information
2016 Predictability of Solar Radiation by Ground-Based All-Sky Camera Imagery and Cloud Motion Vector Analysis: a Theoretical Investigation Using Modeled Cloud Fields and Radiative Transfer Simulations A. Los, S.R. de Roode Information
2016 PEDOT:PSS/rGO/CuNWs Based Counter Electrode for Use in DSSCs A.S. Shikoh, Z. Ahmed, Z. Zhu, T.S. Mankowski, F. Touati, R.A. Shakoor, M.A. Benammar, M.A. Mansuripur, C.M. Falco Information
2016 Portable LED Flasher - a Cost Effective Tool to Improve Quality of Field Tests F.P. Baumgartner, D. Schär, R. Knecht, F. Carigiet, C. Frei, F. Beglinger Information
2016 Performance Analysis of Different Thin Film Module Technology in Indian Climatic Condition Y.K. Singh, B. Bora, R. Singh, S. Chakravarty, O.S. Sastry, R. Singh, S. Rai Information
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