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2019 PULSION®-Solar, an Efficient and Cost Effective Implantation Solution for High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells Manufacturing A. Lanterne, T. Desrues, A. Veau, P. Bellanger, B. Barthe, C. Lorfeuvre, F. Torregrosa, L. Roux, S. Dubois Information
2019 Performance Assessment of BIPV Systems: From Current Normative Framework to Next Developments P. Bonomo, F. Parolini, F. Frontini, E. Saretta, M. Caccivio, G. Bellenda, J.M. Vega de Seoane, D. Valencia, M. Machado, S. Boddaert Information
2019 Preliminary Examination of the Energy Gain of a Bifacial Glass-Glass Module by Applying a Light-Directing Foil M. Zauner, W. Mühleisen, D. Holzmann, C. Hirschl, J. Löschnig, W. Nemitz, C. Leiner, C. Sommer, G. Oreski, K. Krenn, W. Faerber Information
2018 Potential of Chemical Rounding for the Performance Enhancement of a Pyramid-Textured Bifacial Si Bottom Cell H. Lee, I. Song, S.W. Lee, S.H. Bae, J.Y. Hyun, Y. Kang, H.-S. Lee, A. Ogura, D. Kim, Y. Ohshita Information
2018 Performance Optimization of a Four-Terminal Cu2O/c-Si Tandem Heterojunction Solar Cell O. Nordseth, H. Haug, R. Kumar, K. Bergum, F. Dragan, D. Craciunescu, L. Fara, I. Chilibon, E. Monakhov, S.E. Foss, B.G. Svensson Information
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