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2019 Polysilicon Layers Doped by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII): New Paths for Industrial Processing of Passivated Contacts Solar Cells A. Veau, T. Desrues, C. Oliveau, A. Morisset, B. Martel, F. Torregrosa, L. Roux, A. Kaminski-Cachopo, Q. Rafhay, S. Dubois Information
2018 Progress on Bifacial Ni/Ag Plated nPERT Cells for Module Fabrication with SWCT L. Tous, R. Russell, Y. Yao, B. Bonnet-Eymard, S. Jambaldinni, A. van der Heide, G. Doumen, F. Duerinckx, E. Voroshazi, J. Szlufcik Information
2016 Progress with Rotational Printing for the Front Side Metallization of Silicon Solar Cells A. Lorenz, C. Gredy, M. Lehner, R. Greutmann, H. Brocker, J. Rohde, A. Senne, T. Trötschler, nee Strauch, H. Reinecke, F. Clement Information
2014 Production-Worthy Integrated AlOx/SiNx Passivation Solution for PERC Cell Volume Manufacturing H. Mungekar, M. Vellaikal, D. Kaur, K. Rapolu, F. Yan, K. Wijekoon, Y. Zheng, L. Zhang, R. Wang, H. Ponnekanti, X. Lu, A. Chan, K. Munipella Information
2012 Post-Deposition Optimisation of LPCVD-Grown ZnO:B as Front TCO in Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells O. Sergeev, T. Bienert, C. Feser, K. Grunewald, A. Neumueller, R.-E. Nowak, M. Kellermann, J. Sürig-Morieng, K. von Maydell Information
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