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2020 P- and n-Doped Layers Optimization for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells in the Rear Emitter Configuration A. Abramov, D. Andronikov, K. Emtsev, A.V. Semenov, I. Shakhray, E.I. Terukov Information
2020 Probabilistic Forecast of All-Sky Solar Radiation Using Enhanced WRF-Solar J.-H. Kim, P.A. Jimenez, J. Dudhia, J. Yang, M. Sengupta, Y. Xie Information
2019 Photovoltaic Power Forecasting with Ensemble of Learners: Large Test Case from PV Plants in Italy, Zambia and Australia L. Gigoni, A. Betti, F. Ruffini, C. Lanzetta, A. Piazzi, M. Tucci, M. Moschella Information
2017 Pilot Production of High Efficient Metal Catalyzed Textured Diamond Wire Sawn Mc-Si Solar Cells Combined with Nickel-Copper Plated Front Contact Processing S. Fox, X. Jie, H. Wu, J. Burschik, N. Bay, K. Crouse, H. K├╝hnlein, B. Lee, A. Letize, M. Passig, D. Pysch, M. Sieber, K. Vosteen Information
2015 Porous Silicon Solar Cells M. Balucani, K. Kholostov, V. Varlamava, F. Palma, M. Izzi, L. Serenelli, M. Tucci Information
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