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2020 Potential of Wind and Solar Energy Available in an Aerial Basin: Taking Advantage of the Integration of Dams Hydrosystems F.M. Valadao, V.O. da Silva, S.G. Relva, R. De Paula, A.L. Linhares, M.D. Galvao, A. Abubakar, M.E.M. Udaeta, L.C. Ribeiro Galvão Information
2019 Power Flow Monitoring at Transformer Substations of Low Voltage Distribution Grids with High Penetration of PV H. Behrends, T. Kumm, S. Geißendörfer, M. Moiz, R. Völker Information
2017 Power Loss through Decorative Elements in the Front Glazing of BIPV Modules M. Mittag, C. Kutter, M. Ebert, H.R. Wilson, U. Eitner Information
2017 PV Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Operating at Variable Pressure Conditions and Controlled by a Multi-Agent Decentralized Energy Management System C.-S. Karavas, K.G. Arvanitis, G. Kyriakarakos, D.D. Piromalis, G. Papadakis Information
2008 Public Promotion of PV Building Integration in the City of Barcelona C. Castells, J. Vela Pitarch, M. Miguel, J. Serrasolses, X. Vallvé Information
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