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Potential of Wind and Solar Energy Available in an Aerial Basin: Taking Advantage of the Integration of Dams Hydrosystems
F.M. Valadao, V.O. da Silva, S.G. Relva, R. De Paula, A.L. Linhares, M.D. Galvao, A. Abubakar, M.E.M. Udaeta, L.C. Ribeiro Galvão
Solar Energy, Time Series, Wind Power, Data Analysis, Air Basin
PV Applications and Integration
Subtopic: PV on/in Buildings, Infrastructure, Landscape, Water and Nature
Event: 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 6CV.2.25
1941 - 1950
ISBN: 3-936338-73-6
Paper DOI: 10.4229/EUPVSEC20202020-6CV.2.25
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper, poster


The objective of this work is to evaluate the potential availability of primary energy from wind and sun contained in an air Basin aiming at generating electricity by conventional technologies. Methodologically, the systematic behavior of the wind and the incidence of the Sun is set, through anemometric and solarimetric data in loco using two Anemometric Station measuring 100 and 150 m and one Solarimetric Station. The results show that the local wind profile varies: (i) throughout the year, with the highest velocities and, in turn, potential energy available during the winter months; and (ii) throughout the day with mean velocities greater during night periods than daytime, 5.4 and 6.3 m/s, respectively. The solar resource also features interannual variation and its conversion into energy depends on the type of technology employed considering that the thin-film technology offers better performance during the months of spring and summer and monocrystalline technology (m-Si) in the winter. Another observation is that the solar and wind conversion technologies present daily and annual complementarity. Therefore, we may conclude that there is a need to specify a system with multiple technologies of generation to allow interannual, daily and nightly complementarity of different resources and thus to allow greater integration of generation and security of supply.