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2021 Quantifying Performance Loss Rates of Photovoltaic Modules Using Ground-Based vs Satellite-Based Meteorological Data E. Özkalay, A. Virtuani, A. Fairbrother, A. Skoczek, G. Friesen, C. Ballif Information
2021 Quality Assurance of the Photovoltaic Power Plants Installation Stage - a Complementary Strategy Based of Photoluminescence and Steady-State Thermography L. Koester, A. Astigarraga, S. Lindig, A. Louwen, M. Antinori, D. Moser, G. Manzolini Information
2021 Quality, Durability and Integration of PV in Different Environments & Applications U. Jahn, G. Oreski, W. Herrmann, M. Herz Information
2021 Quantitative Contactless Determination of the Series Resistance of Silicon Solar Cells H. Höffler, W. Wirtz, J.M. Greulich, S. Rein Information
2021 Quantitative Evaluation of the Shading Resilience of PV Modules N. Klasen, F. Lux, J. Weber, D. Weißer, T. Roessler, A. Kraft, D.H. Neuhaus Information
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