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2018 Quantitative Evaluation of PV Device Linearity with the Two-Lamp Method H. Müllejans, E. Salis Information
2018 Quantifying the Impact of Grain Boundaries on Standard and High Performance mc-Silicon Solar Cells A.P. Pacho, B. Petrelius, M. Rinio Information
2017 Qualification Testing versus Quantitative Reliability Testing of PV – Gaining Confidence in a Rapidly Changing Technology S.R. Kurtz, K. Whitfield, N. Phillips, T. Sample, C. Monokroussos, E. Hsi, I. Repins, P. Hacke, D. Jordan, J. Wohlgemuth, P. Seidel, U. Jahn, M. Kempe, T. Tanahashi, Y. Chen, B. Jäckel, M. Yamamichi Information
2017 Quantification of Solar Cell Failure Signatures Based on Statistical Analysis of Electroluminescence Images S.V. Spataru, H.R. Parikh, P. Hacke, G.A. dos Reis Benatto, D. Sera, P.B. Poulsen Information
2017 Quantum Dot Luminescent Solar Concentrator: Optimization of Concentration and Thickness M. Rafiee, S. Chandra, H. Ahmed, S.J. McCormack Information
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