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2021 Quality, Durability and Integration of PV in Different Environments & Applications U. Jahn, G. Oreski, W. Herrmann, M. Herz Information
2021 Quantitative Evaluation of the Shading Resilience of PV Modules N. Klasen, F. Lux, J. Weber, D. Weißer, T. Roessler, A. Kraft, D.H. Neuhaus Information
2021 Quantifying the Performance Gain of 6 Inch Bifacial 4T pk-Si Tandem Modules P. Manshanden, G. Coletti, V. Rosca, M.J. Jansen, K.M. de Groot, G.J. de Graaff, M. Creatore, K. Datta, R. Janssen, L. Simurka, D. Zhang, M. Najafi, V. Zardetto, I. Dogan, H. Fledderus, S.C. Veenstra Information
2020 Quality Management Best Practice Guidelines R. Gottschalg, B. Jäckel Information
2020 Quantitative Assessment of the Power Loss of Silicon PV Modules by IR Thermography and Its Practical Application in the Field J. Denz, C. Buerhop-Lutz, C. Camus, I. Kruse, T. Pickel, B. Doll, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
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