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2018 Quantifying Minority Carrier Lifetime and Collection Efficiency of Solar Cells by Combined Optical and Electrical Characterisation Techniques V. Tsai, C. Potamialis, S. Ulicná, M. Bliss, T.R. Betts, R. Gottschalg Information
2015 Quantum Wire-on-Well (WoW) Cell with Long Carrier Lifetime for Efficient Carrier Transport M. Sugiyama, H. Fujii, T. Katoh, K. Toprasertpong, H. Sodabanlu, K. Watanabe, D. Alonso-Álvarez, N.J. Ekins-Daukes, Y. Nakano Information
2009 Quantitative Analysis of PV-Modules by Electroluminescence Images for Quality Control M. Köntges, M. Siebert, D. Hinken, U. Eitner, K. Bothe, T. Potthof Information
2009 Quantitative Stress Measurements of Bulk Microdefects in Multicrystalline Silicon S. Schoenfelder, A. Sampson, V. Ganapati, R. Koepge, J. Bagdahn, T. Buonassisi Information
2008 Quality Evaluation and Improvement of Intentionally Iron Contaminated Boron-Doped Multicrystalline Silicon Ingots M. Dhamrin, A. Uzum, P. Supajariyawichai, S. Maeda, H. Fukaya, K. Kamisako Information
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