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2016 Recent Advances in Polymer/Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells J. Schmidt, D. Zielke, R. Gogolin, R. Sauer-Stieglitz, W. Lövenich Information
2016 Results on Module Integration of IBC Solar Cells Based on the Conductive Backsheet Approach A. Halm, B. de Gier, A. Schneider, V.D. Mihailetchi, L.J. Koduvelikulathu, G. Galbiati, H. Chu, R. Roescu, J. Libal, N. van Ommen, R. Kopecek Information
2016 Rural Water Supply in Ethiopia with PV Pumps C. Nyman, T. Beshah, T.B. Woldekirkos Information
2015 Ripple Control Based Control System for Decentralised Photovoltaic Power Plants C. Bucher, U. Schuster, D. Müller, A. Toller Information
2015 Round Robin Testing of Various Back-Sheets for PV-Modules with Different Ultra-Violet Radiation Sources and Sample Temperatures M. Köhl, A. Ballion, Y.-H. Lee, H.-S. Wu, K.P. Scott, S. Glick, P. Hacke, H.J. Koo Information
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