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2020 Reliability of the Industrial Shingling Module by ECA Characteristics J.-W. Baik, C.-S. Park, S.-H. Gong, Y.-J. Kim, J.-Y. Lim, J.-W. Kang, Y. Min, K.K Hong, E.-J. Lee, S.-O. Choi, D.-S. Kim Information
2020 Reduction of ECA Amount for the Ribbon Interconnection of Heterojunction Solar Cells C. Kaiser, V. Nikitina, T. Geipel, A. Kraft Information
2020 Roll Processed Organic Solar Cells Based on P3HT:O-IDTBR M. Fernández Castro, E. Mazzolini, R.R. Søndergaard, M. Espindola-Rodriguez, J.W. Andreasen Information
2019 Residential PV Prosumers: Analysis of the Reality in Chile J.C. Osorio-Aravena, E. Muñoz-Cerón Information
2019 Recent Results for the Deployment of Silicon Heterojunction Production Lines at ENEL Green Power: Effect of the Number of Busbars W. Favre, L. Sicot, V. Barth, A. Bettinelli, M. Sciuto, G. Condorelli, A. Ragonesi, A. Danel, J.-F. Lerat, P.-J. Ribeyron, A. Canino, M. Foti, C. Gerardi Information
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