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2021 Reliability Assessment for Industrial Soldered and Glued BJ-BC Solar Cell Interconnections T. Timofte, S. Grosser, R. Wade, T. Fischer, D. Rudolph, J. Linster, M.I. Devoto, D. Tune, R. Farneda, F. Köhler, A. Halm Information
2021 Rear Side Dielectrics on Interdigitating p+-(i)-n+ Back-Contact Solar Cells – Hydrogenation vs. Charge Effects M. Rienäcker, Y. Larionova, J. Krügener, S. Wolter, R. Brendel, R. Peibst Information
2020 Role of Wafer Thickness in Performance of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells O. Astakhov, T. Merdzhanova, D. Weigand, L. Wolf, A. Gad, K. Ding, U. Rau Information
2020 Reduced Surface Reflection of Solar Silicon and Solar Glass by Maskless Plasma Texturing with CHF3/H2 A. Okhorzina, N. Bernhard Information
2020 Remanufacturing End-of-Life Silicon Photovoltaics: Feasibility and Viability Analysis R. Deng, N. Chang, M.M. Lunardi, P. Dias, J.I. Bilbao, J. Ji, C.M. Chong Information
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