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2020 Requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement for the Coming 10 Years on Investments, Technical Roadmap, and Expansion of PV Manufacturing P.P. Altermatt, Y. Yang, Y. Chen, X. Zhang, D. Chen, G. Xu, Z. Feng Information
2020 Results of the Bifacial PV Cells and PV Modules Power Measurement Round Robin Activity of the PV-Enerate Project G. Koutsourakis, M. Rauer, A. Schmid, G. Bellenda, T.R. Betts, J.C. Blakesley, M. Bliss, J. Bonilla Castro, K. Bothe, S. Dittmann, J. Lopez-Garcia, W. Herrmann, D. Hinken, R.P. Kenny, R.R. Molinero, D. Pavanello, S. Riechelmann, H. Sträter, A. Vegas, S. Winter Information
2020 Repercussions of Interannual Variability in Irradiance on Sizing PV for Autonomous Renewable Energy Systems H.G. Beyer Information
2020 Real Time Availability Calculation for a PV Plant Portfolio N. Lebert, S. Fraisse Information
2020 Residential PV Self-Consumption: Real Savings in a Spanish Household H.-J. Rodríguez San Segundo, N. López Information
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