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2020 Recent Results on Carrier Selective Three Terminal Perovskite on Silicon-IBC Tandem Solar Cells J.P. Connolly, K. Ahanobge, J.-P. Kleider, J. Alvarez, H. Kanda, M.K. Nazeeruddin, V.D. Mihailetchi, P. Baranek, M. Vogt, R. Santbergen, O. Isabella Information
2020 Reduction of Required Storage Capacities for a 100% Renewable Energy Supply in Germany, if New PV Systems are Installed With East-West Tracking Systems at Increased Elevation Angles S. Krauter, D. Rustemovic, A. Khatibi Information
2020 Reduction of ECA Amount for the Ribbon Interconnection of Heterojunction Solar Cells C. Kaiser, V. Nikitina, T. Geipel, A. Kraft Information
2020 Real Benefits from Conductive Backsheets for Back-Contacted Solar Modules G.J.W. Meijers, P. di Lorenzo, P. Pasmans, I. Suez, I.J. Bennett Information
2020 Reducing LeTID with an Adjustment of the AlOx-SiNy:H Layer System A. Schmid, C. Fischer, D. Skorka, A. Zuschlag, G. Hahn Information
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