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2013 Rear Side Laser Doping through PECVD AlOx/SiNx Passivation Dielectrics on P-Type Cz Silicon Solar Cells B. Xiao, B. Hallam, L. Mai, D. Lin, C.M. Chong, A.J. Lennon, S.R. Wenham Information
2013 Reaction Pathways for the Formation of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Absorbers from Metal Salt Precursors Annealed under Selenium Atmospheres C.M. Fella, J.A. Stückelberger, A. Fluri, A.R. Uhl, M. Werner, Y.E. Romanyuk, A.N. Tiwari Information
2012 Reducing Solar Cell Production Costs Via Low Silver Containing Backside Metallization Pastes E. Kurtz, L. Karpowich, D. Moyer, P. Gundel, M. König, W. Zhang Information
2012 Reliability of High Efficiency PV Modules T. Söderström, P. Papet, M. Häni, R. Polo, S. Gnos, J. Zahnd, R. Luthi Information
2010 Research and Development Investments in PV – a Limiting Factor for a Fast PV Diffusion? C. Breyer, C. Birkner, F. Kersten, A. Gerlach, J.C. Goldschmidt, G. Stryi-Hipp, D. Fraile Montoro, M. Riede Information
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