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2018 Residential Battery Storage Sizing Based on Daily PV Production and Consumption Load Profile Characterization S. Afxentis, M. Florides, S. Theocharides, V. Venizelou, G.E. Georghiou Information
2018 Review of Guidelines for PV Systems Performance and Degradations Monitoring B.R. Paudyal, A.G. Imenes, T.O. Saetre Information
2018 Results of the Project “AdmMo” – Cell and Module Development towards a 318 W Module J.-F. Nekarda, A. Brand, M. Linse, F. Clement, J. Schneider, M. Turek, S. Großer, S. Schoenfelder, T. Urban, M. Ehrl, M. Müller, J. Heitmann, C. Yüce, N. Willenbacher, T. Große, R. Böhme, M. König, H. Frintrup, P. Fuss-Kailuweit, F. Kersten, A. Mette, J.W. Müller, R. Preu Information
2018 Radiometer Response Time and Irradiance Measurement Accuracy A. Driesse Information
2018 Recent Advances in High Efficiency CIGS Solar Cells on Polymer Substrates: New Results on Ga Grading and Alkali Fluorides F. Donsanti, V. Achard, M. Balestrieri, T. Hildebrandt, L. Lombez, S. Béchu, M. Bouttemy, N. Naghavi, A. Etcheberry, M. Jubault, D. Lincot Information
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