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2012 Radiation Degradation of Multijunction III-V Solar Cells and Prediction of their Lifetime V.M. Andreev, V.M. Emelyanov, O.I. Chosta, V.M. Lantratov, M.Z. Shvarts, N.K. Timoshina Information
2011 Realization of a Cost Effective Production Technology for Single Junction Amorphous Silicon Solar Modules C. Banerjee, P.M. Ratheesh Kumar, K. Mohanchandran, S. Prasanth, A.K. Barua Information
2011 Recent Developments of High-Efficiency Micromorph Tandem Solar Cells in KAI-M/ Plasmabox PECVD Reactors U. Kroll, J. Meier, L. Fesquet, J. Steinhauser, S. Benagli, J.B Orhan, B. Wolf, D. Borrello, L. Castens, Y. Djeridane, X. Multone, G. Choong, D. Domine, J.-F. Boucher, P.-A. Madliger, M. Marmelo, G. Monteduro, B. Dehbozorgi, D. Romang, E. Omnes, M. Chevalley, G. Charitat, A. Pomey, E. Vallat, S. Marjanovic, G. Kohnke, K. Koch, J. Liu, R. Modavis, D. Thelen, S. Vallon, A. Zakharian, D. Weidman Information
2010 Recent Progress in the Development and Understanding of Silicon Surface Passivation by Aluminum Oxide for Photovoltaics G. Dingemans, W.M.M. Kessels Information
2010 Results of the 3rd Modelling Round Robin within the European Project „PERFORMANCE”– Comparison of Module Energy Rating Methods S. Dittmann, G. Friesen, S. Williams, T. Betts, R. Gottschalg, H.G. Beyer, A. Guérin de Montgareuil, N. van der Borg, A.R. Burgers, T. Huld, B. Müller, C. Reise, J. Kurnik, M. Topic, T. Zdanowicz, F. Fabero Information
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