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2018 Research Project CIGS-Façade: PV Façades - Chances and Limits D. Geyer, P. Lechner, S. Hummel, D. Stellbogen, C. Conejo Gangkofner Information
2018 Results of PVOPTI-Ray Project: Optimisation of Reflecting Materials and Photovoltaic Yield in an Urban Context S. Zamini, P. Weihs, S. Krispel, S. Oswald, M. Peyerl, M. Revesz, A. Schneider, H. Trimmel, C. Mayr Information
2018 Really Building with BIPV - Putting the Foundation in Place for a Successful Dutch BIPV Sector (The ‘Werkelijk Bouwen aan BIPV’ Project) A. De Vries, A. Kahn, R. Comuth, A. van Deursen, M. Arninkhof, G. Verpaalen, C. Maas, S. Kin, P. de Jong, W. van de Wall, Z. Vroon, A. Kuypers, J.C.P. Kester, R.M.E. Valckenborg, W.G.J.H.M. van Sark, R. Loonen, Y. Aartsma, I. van Straten, E. Teunissen Information
2018 Rear Device Architectures for Evaluating Passivated Organic/Silicon Hybrid Cells J. Hack, A. Iyer, M. Chen, R.L. Opila Information
2017 Reducing the Grid Load of South African Office Building by Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures and Installation of Demand Optimized PV B. Hanke, D. Peters, M. Kühnel, J. Smit, R. Wiesmann, R. Saßmannshausen, R. Hentschel, K. von Maydell, C. Agert Information
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