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2021 Repair of Cracked Backsheets: Long-Term Stability Y. Voronko, G.C. Eder, W. Mühleisen, L. Neumaier, C. Breitwieser, K. Knöbl, S. Feldbacher, G. Oreski, N. Lenck Information
2021 Reliability Analysis Framework for a Grid-Tied PV-Battery System: Influence of PV and Battery Degradation on Reliability of Power Electronic Systems O. Alavi, W. Van De Sande, L. Van Cappellen, W. De Ceuninck, M. Daenen Information
2021 Reliability Assessment for Industrial Soldered and Glued BJ-BC Solar Cell Interconnections T. Timofte, S. Großer, R. Wade, T. Fischer, D. Rudolph, J. Linster, M.I. Devoto, D. Tune, R. Farneda, F. Köhler, A. Halm Information
2021 Rear Side Dielectrics on Interdigitating p+-(i)-n+ Back-Contact Solar Cells – Hydrogenation vs. Charge Effects M. Rienäcker, Y. Larionova, J. Krügener, S. Wolter, R. Brendel, R. Peibst Information
2021 Recurrent Neural Network for Short-Time Power Forecast for a 540 kWp Grid-Connected PV Plant Installed at the University of São Paulo, Brazil W.W. Ferreira Fonseca, F. Ramos Martins, R. Zilles Information
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