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Reliability of Electrically Conductive Adhesives
G. Oreski, S. Pötz, A. Omazic, G.C. Eder, L. Neumaier, C. Hirschl, R. Ebner, J. Scheurer, W. Pranger
New Materials and Concepts for Photovoltaic Devices
Subtopic: New Materials and Concepts for Cells and Modules
Event: 35th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 1CV.4.57
ISBN: 3-936338-50-7
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Document(s): poster


The application of electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) is a promising alternative to the soldering process in today`s solar module production for cell interconnects. ECAs provide an environmentally friendly solution and exhibit several other advantages over conventional solder interconnection technology including lower processing temperature, higher mechanical flexibility and replacement of toxic lead. When a critical process like the production of solar cell strings is intended to be changed, preliminary a thorough analysis of the properties, material compatibilities and the long term stability of ECAs in PV modules has to be performed. Hence, the main aim of this work is to investigate the performance, quality and reliability of the adhesive bonds but also of test modules with ECA bonded cells. Moreover, new formulations with increased flexibility of the polymeric binder within the ECA were developed in order to increase the resistance to thermo-mechanical loads and delamination.