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2021 Selective Emitter Formation via Laser Doping with Picosecond Pulsed Laser for High-Efficiency PERC Solar Cells H. Asav, A.E. Keçeci, G. Bektaşs, S. Koçak Bütüner, G. Kökbudak, H. Hüseyin Canar, B. Arıkan, R. Turan Information
2021 Simulating the Energy Yield of Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules Installed on Carports or Canopies J. Robledo Bueno, J. Leloux, B. Sarr, C.A. Gueymard, A. Driesse, P.-F. Drouin Information
2021 Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant Inventory and Solar Modules Counting by Convolutional Neural Network from Aerial Imagery Y.-R. Lin, C.-Y. Huang, J.-S. Zhang, H.-L. Chen Information
2021 Standard-BIPV – A New BIPV System for Façades of Industrial Buildings Aiming at Easy Planning and Installation while Meeting High Aesthetic Standards J.-B. Eggers, I. Lützkendorf, N. Meyer, J. Höhne, S. Meier, C. Schmidt, W. Körner, M. Behnisch, J. Grosch, F. Ensslen, J. Eisenlohr, T.E. Kuhn Information
2021 Scalable Manufacturing of Multiple Cation Perovskite Solar Modules L. Vesce, M. Stefanelli, L.A. Castriotta, J.P. Herterich, M. Kohlstädt, U. Würfel, A. Di Carlo Information
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