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2022 Single Sided High Throughput Sputter Process Technology for In-Situ Doped n-Type Amorphous Silicon Layers for High Efficiency TOPCon Solar Cells V. Linss, T. Dietsch, J. Baumann, U. Graupner, J. Hoß, J. Linke, J. Lossen, J.I. Polzin, S. Mack, H. Nagel, M. Bivour, E. Schneiderlöchner Information
2022 Savings by Net-Metering PV in a Spanish Household N. López, H.J. Rodríguez San Segundo Information
2022 Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors behind the Deployment of Domestic Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems in Three Swedish Municipalities J. Lindahl, S. Ekbring, R. Johansson, D. Lingfors, J. Munkhammar Information
2022 Sustainability of Photovoltaic System´s Manufacture, Operation and Decommissioning in Future Net-Zero Emissions Scenarios-8 A. Urbina Information
2022 Simple and Smart Communities for All R. Mergner, D. Rutz, A. Holzmann, K. Schilcher, A. Sahin, N. Fenz, U. Höhne, A. Nikolaev, M. Trifonova, T. Heinel, B. Dannemann, E. Süle, N. Sumbadze, S. Robićc, T. Šimek, B. Kovacs, B. Lugosi Information
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