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2019 Shared Solar Cooperatives in Brazil: Context, Overcoming Barriers and Lessons to Be Drawn from Previous European Countries Experiences K. Schneider, J. Fink, C. Japp, P. Scheidt Manoel, M.O.M. de Oliveira, R. Rüther Information
2019 SocialRES Project - Fostering Socially Innovative and Inclusive Strategies for Empowering Citizens in the Renewable Energy Market of the Future S. Caneva, P. Alonso, M. Kovarova, I. Lizarralde, I. Valentin, A. Abi Akle, M. Hamwi, V. Kromrey, D. Vedel, A. Wotjen, A. Schneller, L. Domröse, A. Ferrari, C. Crippa, E. Denny, M. Regidor, S. Mulero, I. Lacoste, R. Ruiz, N. Nuno-Brito, C. Ribeiro, K. Harder, T. Harwood, T. Šimek, F. Ciausiu, D. Leonte, M. Policarp Information
2019 Stability of the Regenerated p-Type Multi-Crystalline PERC Solar Cell after Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation J. Zhu, B. He, R. Søndenå, S.E. Foss, Q. Wei, H. Qian, Z. Ni Information
2019 Sublayer-Resolved Structure Analysis of Passivation Layers for PERC Cells Deposited by a High-Throughput Inline PECVD Process S. Großer, S. Richter, A. Hähnel, G. Köhler, H.-P. Sperlich, T. Große, H. Mehlich, C. Hagendorf Information
2019 Sunlight Variation Study for Drone-Based Daylight Electroluminescence Imaging of PV Modules G.A. dos Reis Benatto, C. Mantel, A.A. Santamaria Lancia, F. Villebro, N. Riedel-Lyngskær, S. Thorsteinsson, P.B. Poulsen, S. Forchhammer, H.R. Parikh, S.V. Spataru, D. Sera Information
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