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2020 Soiling Loss in PV Roofs of Residential Urban Areas in Madrid Region N. Martín Chivelet, J. Polo, C. Sanz, M. Alonso-Abella Information
2020 Screen Utility Simulation - Explaining the Evolution and Future of Screen Printed Metallization of Si-Solar Cells S. Tepner, L. Ney, M. Singler, M. Linse, A. Lorenz, M. Pospischil, F. Clement, R. Preu Information
2020 Smart Building Technology for Nano-Architecture S.E. Sungur Information
2020 Solar Charging Electric Vehicles: Analysing the Charging Efficacy of an Off-Grid, Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging System in Long Stay Parking Applications E. Heath, R. Ghotge, A.J.M. van Wijk Information
2020 Sequential Silicon Surface Melting and Atmospheric Pressure Phosphorus Doping for Crystalline Tunnel Junction Formation in Silicon/Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells G. Gaspar, J. Canhoto Cardoso, I. Costa, A. Guerra, A.S. Viana, M.E.M. Jorge, D. Vilhena, D. Pera, J. Almeida Silva, A.M. Vallêra, L. Vines, J.M. Almeida Serra, K. Lobato Information
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