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2022 The Status of Photovoltaics in Italy and the Prospects for Contributing to the Goal of Energy Decarbonisation S. Guastella, E. Terzini Information
2022 The Impact of Performance Degradation Curves on the Profitability of Solar PV Projects A. Virtuani, L. Morganti Information
2022 Towards a New Approach in Evaluating the Practical Economic Performance of Off-Grid Storage-Less Hybrid Energy System With Integrated Solar Forecast F. Zhuang, R. Amaro e Silva, T. Carrière, B. Gschwind, Y.M. Saint-Drenan, P. Blanc Information
2022 Technical, Business and Regulatory Approaches to Enhance Renewable Energy Capabilities to Take Part Actively in the Electricity and Ancillary Services Markets H. Bartoszewicz-Burczy, P. Starzynski, F. Schraube Information
2022 Theoretical Study on the Improved Bi-Layer Absorber of Silver Incorporated SB2SE3 Devices S. Lee, M. McInenery Information
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