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2021 Transparent Backsheets for Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules X. Gu, S. Smith, L. Perry, S. Watson, S.L. Moffitt, S.-J. Shen, S. Mitterhofer, L.-P. Sung, P.-C. Pan, D. Jacobs Information
2021 The Role of Collective Self-Consumption in the Promotion of BIPV in Multi-Apartment Building Façades R. Amaro e Silva, C. Gerçek, M. Centeno Brito, G.P. Luz Information
2021 Terawatt Scale PV by 2050 and Competition for Minerals: The Case of Silver and Copper P. Macé, E. Bosch, M. Aleman Information
2021 Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching: Analysis of Reaction Dynamics D.M. Pera, I. Costa, F. Serra, A. Guerra, K. Lobato, J.M. Serra, J. Almeida Silva Information
2021 The Long-Term of the Albedo Stability under Different Weather Conditions S. Suarez, E. Ortega, J.C. Jimeno, J.R. Gutierrez, V. Fano, J.M. Rivas, G.A. Navas, I. Fernandez, S. Rodríguez-Conde Information
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