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2022 Tools and Techniques for Spectral Irradiance Processing and Mismatch Estimation A. Driesse, J. Gallon, N. Kopidakis, M. Theristis, J.S. Stein Information
2022 Technical Aspects for Road Integrated Photovoltaics Towards a More Sustainable Mobility Sector J.D. Huyeng, J. Forster, F. Basler, P. Romer, A.J. Beinert, C. Schill, M. Heinrich, H. Neuhaus, H. Wirth Information
2022 Towards High Efficiency Inversion Layer Cells Based on Ion-Charged Dielectrics M. Yu, M. Wright, J. Chen, Y. Shi, B. Hallam, E.T. Hwu, N.E. Grant, J.D. Murphy, P.P. Altermatt, P. Wilshaw, S. Bonilla Information
2022 Theoretical Study of Enhanced Convective Heat Transfer in Solar Panels at Elevated Ambient Temperatures M. Iwaniuk, A. Fragaki, I. Khan Information
2022 The Influente of System Layout and Operating Conditions on PV System Degradation A.K. Vidal de Oliveira, C. Buerhop-Lutz, I.M. Peters, R. RĂ¼ther Information
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