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2022 The Effect of Heated Depositions on the Efficacy of Molybdenum Nitride Barrier Layers for CIGS Back Contact Applications L.M. Welch, N. Benhaddou, J.W. Bowers Information
2022 Technology Evolution of the PV Industry: Learning from History and Recent Progress Y. Chen, D. Chen, P.P. Altermatt, S. Zhang, L. Wang, X. Zhang, J. Xu, H. Chen, Y. Wang, Y. Xu, G. Yang, Z. Feng, H. Shen, P.J. Verlinden Information
2022 The Impact of Floating Solar Power Plants on the Water Quality of Quarry Lakes K. Ilgen, D. Schindler, S. Wieland, J. Lange Information
2022 Thin-Film Solar Cells with MgF2/Ag Back Mirror Patterning for Improved Near-IR Reflectance L. Reboucas, G.J. Bauhuis, J. Ohlmann, J. Maasen, E. Vlieg, J.J. Schermer Information
2022 Towards Cost-Effective High-Efficiency POLO IBC Solar Cells with Minimal Conversion Invest for Existing PERC+ Production Lines T. Dullweber, V. Mertens, M. Stöhr, J. Langlois, L. Mettner, U. Baumann, F. Haase, R. Brendel, J. Libal, A. Hähnel, A. Müller, V. Naumann, A. Vogt, N. Ambrosius, T. Pernau, H. Haverkamp Information
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