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2021 The Impact of High Spectral Match: Using an LED Solar Simulator for Tandems B. Mihaylov, B.C. Duck, C.J. Fell, T.W. Jones, K.F. Anderson, G.J. Wilson Information
2021 Two Local Built-in Potentials of CZTSe Ge Bi-Layers Devices by Modulus Spectroscopy S. Lee, K.J. Price, E. Saucedo Information
2021 Testing Encapsulated Perovskite Solar Cells in a Climatic Chamber by Following the IEC 61215 and IEC 61646 Standards for the Thermal Cycling Test L. Ocaña, C. Montes, S. González-Pérez, B. González-Diaz, E. Llarena Information
2021 The Performance of Four-Terminal Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells under Different Irradiance Levels A.B. Nikolskaia, M.F. Vildanova, S.S. Kozlov, O.V. Alexeeva, O.K. Karyagina, O.I. Shevaleevskiy Information
2021 Tunnel Junction Formation on Silicon P++ Emitters by Gas Immersion Laser Doping G. Gaspar, A. Guerra, F.C. Serra, A.S. Viana, J. Arumughan, I. Costa, D.M. Pera, J. Almeida Silva, L. Vines, J.M. Serra, K. Lobato Information
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