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2021 Techno-Economic Analysis of Marine Ecosystem to Achieve Zero Carbon Emission J.Z. Tee Information
2021 Thermal Cycle Analysis on Shingled Glass – Glass Samples with SHJ Cells S. Wendlandt, C. Carrière, V. Barth, S. Harrison, A. Bettinelli Information
2021 Transparent N- and Nb- Doped NiO-Based Heterostructures for Transparent and Tandem Solar Cells. C. Aivalioti, A. Papadakis, E. Manidakis, E.I. Spanakis, M. Androulidaki, M. Kayambaki, K. Tsagaraki, A. Kostopoulos, C.C. Stoumpos, N.T. Pelekanos, M. Modreanu, E. Aperathitis, G. Craciun, C. Romanitan Information
2021 The Potential of Glass-Fibre-Reinforcement: (Thermo-)Mechanical Testing of Light-Weight PV Modules J. Govaerts, K. Moliya, B. Luo, T. Borgers, R. Van Dyck, A.S.H. van der Heide, L. Tous, A. Morlier, F. Lisco, L. Cerasti, M. Galiazzo, J. Poortmans Information
2021 The Impact of the Lamination Process on the Adhesion Properties at the Glass-Encapsulant Interface and Damp Heat Stability of PV Modules A.K. Öz, C. Herzog, C. Wellens, D.E. Mansour, M. Heinrich, A. Kraft Information
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