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2020 Thermal Impact of Grid Injection Limits on Inverter Operation J. Despeghel, S. Ravyts, J. Driesen Information
2020 Towards 24% Efficiency for Industrial n-Type Bifacial Passivating-Contact Solar Cells with Homogeneous Emitter J. Bao, C. Chen, L. Ma, C. Huang, X. Zhang, Z. Wang, C. Chen, S. Zhan, R. Liu, Z. Qiao, Z. Du, Z. Liu, J. Chen Information
2019 The Vision of Large Scale PV Manufacturing in Europe: A Dream or Chance for Execution? P. Fath, A.W. Bett, J. Trube, S. Herritsch, S. Nold, J. Rentsch, W. Jooss Information
2019 The Influnce of Diffusion Condtion to Passivation Quality of SiOx/Poly-Silicon Layer W. Deng, X. An, H. Chen, F. Jiang, G. Xing Information
2019 Thermally Stable MoOx Hole Selective Contact with a Tunneling AlOx Interlayer for Industrial Size Silicon Solar Cells M.T.S.K. Ah Sen, P.C.P. Bronsveld, E.G. Hoek, B.W.J. Kikkert, A.W. Weeber Information
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