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2021 Transparent N- and Nb- Doped NiO-Based Heterostructures for Transparent and Tandem Solar Cells. C. Aivalioti, A. Papadakis, E. Manidakis, E.I. Spanakis, M. Androulidaki, M. Kayambaki, K. Tsagaraki, A. Kostopoulos, C.C. Stoumpos, N.T. Pelekanos, M. Modreanu, E. Aperathitis, G. Craciun, C. Romanitan Information
2020 Temporal Complementarity between Wind and Solar Generation and the Role of Storage for Hybrid Plants R.A. Campos, L.R. do Nascimento, R. Rüther Information
2020 Towards Country Scale Photovoltaic Energy Yield Modelling A. Schils, W. Clymans, F. Duchêne, I.T. Horvath, J. Lemmens, I. Uljee, F. Meinke-Hubeny, F. Catthoor, E. Voroshazi, M. Meuris Information
2020 Technological Viability and Proof-of-Concept of Applying Low-Temperature PECVD SiNx for Inkjet-Masked Selective Emitters B. Kafle, K. Demel, R. Efinger, M. Hofmann, W. Shepherd, M. Pickrell, R. Keding Information
2020 The Influence of Thermal Signatures Observed with Infrared Thermography on Power Production in a Utility Scale Power Plant B.L. Aarseth, A. Skomedal, M.B. Øgaard, E.S. Marstein Information
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