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2020 The Setting-Up of a Large Collective Self-Consumption Project in Lyon, France B. Gaiddon, M. Valentin, E. Vignali, A. Manelli, F. Marcos, A. Choffez, F. Hubler Information
2020 Techno-Economic Analysis of Battery Energy Storage System in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) System J.Z. Tee, Z.W. Tham, L.H.I. Lim, J. Yang, O. Anaya-Lara Information
2020 The International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics and the Significance of Its Decade-Long Projections P. Baliozian, S. Tepner, M. Fischer, J. Trube, S. Herritsch, K. Gensowski, F. Clement, S. Nold, R. Preu Information
2020 Testbed Validation of Bifacial Performance Modelling Methodology Using Ray-Tracing Methods K. Phetdee, V. Vorasitchai, M. Donaldson-Balan, I. Stylianou, P. Dagres, S. Velez, K. Larchet Information
2020 Transparent Back Contacts for CdTe Solar Cells: Criteria and Investigation of Oxide Materials R.S. Hall, D.A. Lamb, A. Pockett, S.K. Thomas, M.J. Carnie, S.J.C. Irvine Information
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