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2020 The Setting-Up of a Large Collective Self-Consumption Project in Lyon, France B. Gaiddon, M. Valentin, E. Vignali, A. Manelli, F. Marcos, A. Choffez, F. Hubler Information
2020 Techno-Economic Analysis of Battery Energy Storage System in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) System J.Z. Tee, Z.W. Tham, L.H.I. Lim, J. Yang, O. Anaya-Lara Information
2020 Testbed Validation of Bifacial Performance Modelling Methodology Using Ray-Tracing Methods K. Phetdee, V. Vorasitchai, M. Donaldson-Balan, I. Stylianou, P. Dagres, S. Velez, K. Larchet Information
2020 The International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics and the Significance of Its Decade-Long Projections P. Baliozian, S. Tepner, M. Fischer, J. Trube, S. Herritsch, K. Gensowski, F. Clement, S. Nold, R. Preu Information
2020 Transparent Back Contacts for CdTe Solar Cells: Criteria and Investigation of Oxide Materials R.S. Hall, D.A. Lamb, A. Pockett, S.K. Thomas, M.J. Carnie, S.J.C. Irvine Information
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